Dear Prospective Member:

The New Mexico Mining Association is a trade association organized in 1939 and incorporated in 1968. Its membership is composed of: (a) companies that explore for, produce and refine metals, coal and industrial minerals and (b) companies that manufacture and distribute mining and mineral processing equipment and supplies and individuals engaged in these various phases of the mineral industry.

The New Mexico Mining Association serves as the spokesman for the mining industry in New Mexico. It works in cooperation with other state mining associations and the National Mining Association, keeping the industry informed on pending legislation and promulgating constructive programs and action that will adequately recognize and serve mining’s special problems and needs. It serves the industry on a wide range of subjects, such as taxation, environmental quality, public lands, health and safety and education through the expertise of its members and member companies.

Your membership is instrumental in establishing the NMMA as the spokesman for the mining industry in New Mexico. Our long-standing purpose and objectives continue to guide our association:

  • To advance the mineral resources and related industries.
  • To cooperate with the educational institutions by lending support to, and encouraging interest in, mineral resources education.
  • To cooperate with other industries and trade associations on matters of mutual concern.
  • To advise and counsel the membership relative to developments and trends within the mineral resource industries and within the various legislative bodies, national and state.
  • To plan and program such meetings as may be feasible and of benefit to the membership and the mineral resource and related industries.

By joining, your membership will continue to enhance the efforts of the Association. Please choose the membership you’re interested in, review and follow the instructions to begin the application process.