H.J. “Doc” Weiler/Marvin Watts were two of the most popular and respected lobbyists ever to walk the halls of the State Capitol.  They used their exemplary knowledge of the governmental process to become two of the strongest advocates for New Mexico’s mining industry.  Their dedication to mining extended beyond the interests of their clients and benefited the New Mexico Mining Association and industry as a whole.  The one thing that Doc and Marvin were best known for was professionalism.

In honor of these two fine gentlemen, the New Mexico Mining Association in 2005 established the Doc Weiler/Marvin Watts Award for Professionalism.  The award is to be given each year at the Association’s Annual Legislative Reception and Dinner to any individual member of the NMMA, governmental employee, or lobbyist who has developed a strong and widely respected reputation as an advocate for New Mexico’s mining industry.  The recipient must have demonstrated a commitment to issues important to New Mexico’s mining industry over an extended period of time.

The first award, given in 2006, and the recipient was Mr. Joe Menapace.

2006 – Joe Menapace

2007 – Leroy Apodaca

2008 – David Abbey

2009 – Bob Darnell

2010 – Dr. Dan Lopez

2011 – Carolyn Clark Loder

2012 – Dal Moellenberg

2013 – Jon Indall

2014 – Tom Rutherford

2015 –  Anthony (T.J.) Trujillo

2016 – Louis Rose

2017 –  Stuart Sutzier

2018 –  Juan Velasquez